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President’s Message –  
Where do I begin?  All of our plans for the Day of Genealogy, as well as our monthly meetings and 
speakers had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 virus. 
I, like many of you, have felt so “out of sync”.  My routine has changed drastically!  I miss my normal 
activities and especially seeing my family and friends.  Thank goodness for computers and phones! 
Hopefully, you have taken some of this time to update your genealogy and family history information 
through emails, texts and phone calls.  Maybe even had the opportunity to do an interview with a 
distant relative.   
 Recently, I heard from a cousin in South Carolina, whom I had attempted to contact some time ago. He 
was found through a DNA match from my Mother’s side of the family.  He, in turn, connected me to 
another cousin in South Carolina.  This resulted in some wonderful new information, including some 
photos and an informal history of the family from when they moved from West Virginia to South 
Carolina.  Finally, someone responded to my emails, so don’t give up! 
I truly feel that because of our current situation, many folks have extra time to devote to their interests 
including family history.  Otherwise, I am not sure if this would have ever occurred in our normal, 
hurried pace of life.  So, sometimes the “glass is half full”, when you least expect it! 
Hopefully, we all can be together once again at our genealogy meetings in the Fall.  I so look forward to 
seeing you and hearing all about your new adventures and finds. 
Take good care of yourselves, 

Karen Bishop Wood 

Georgetown Memory Project

The Lost Jesuit Slaves of Maryland -
Searching for 91 people left behind in 1838.
Intensive search begins for the Lost Jesuit Slaves of Maryland. 91 people were left behind by Catholic priests in 1838 slave sale. Descendants eligible for legacy admissions edge at Georgetown today.
For additional information please read, download and share the attached articles.  The first article was published in the Washington Post, April 28, 2018. The second is a PSA [public service announcement] explaining about the search and finally the last is how you can help. 
Please share this information with anyone who might be able to help.


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