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Presidents Message –

With “2020”, comes a “New Year of Possibilities”. I am a list person, and get excited when I cross something off! With the beginning of a new year, I look forward to making goals for myself.  Some are “repeaters”, as they were not completed in the previous year. Basically, they are simple, personal projects that I feel are important to carry out and accomplish during the days ahead.
One of these goals is always in the realm of Genealogy and Family History.   Our genealogy society is an outstanding group of folks who truly support not only my goals, but others, as well.  One of the primary objectives of our society is to encourage continuing education through guest speakers and our own members presentations.  We learn so much from one another, often hearing tips and techniques we had not thought about using ourselves.
Speaking of continued learning, our society is sponsoring a “Day of Genealogy” on 28 March 2020.  It will be held at the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland (formerly the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center) on Airport Road in California, Maryland. This is an outstanding event where you will have the opportunity to learn from excellent speakers right here in St. Mary’s County.  I encourage you to register to attend this most worthwhile and convenient event.  You will not be disappointed!
Why not make this year, the year you tackle your family history?  Take advantage of this time to make those contacts with your cousins, call those aunts and uncles, take time for this most important project both for yourself and your family.  I spoke with someone earlier this week, saying that she had her first grandchild recently.  She is now planning to begin the search for her family history.  She said, “I want this child to know who I was and the family that came before me.” 
We look forward to welcoming you at our meetings, and that you will allow us to help you on your journey of finding your family history.
Karen Bishop Wood

Georgetown Memory Project

The Lost Jesuit Slaves of Maryland -
Searching for 91 people left behind in 1838.
Intensive search begins for the Lost Jesuit Slaves of Maryland. 91 people were left behind by Catholic priests in 1838 slave sale. Descendants eligible for legacy admissions edge at Georgetown today.
For additional information please read, download and share the attached articles.  The first article was published in the Washington Post, April 28, 2018. The second is a PSA [public service announcement] explaining about the search and finally the last is how you can help. 
Please share this information with anyone who might be able to help.


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