St. Marys County Genealogical Society
The St. Mary’s County Genealogical Society, Inc - Is a nonprofit organization committed to the promotion and encouragement of interest in the science of genealogical and historical research.  This includes active participation in the preservation and maintenance of records of genealogical and historic interest in St. Mary's County, to promote their availability to the public, to maintain surname files, printed materials, and publications at local libraries for use by patrons, and to maintain liaison with and offer advice and assistance to local librarians regarding genealogy-related services. 

President: Chris Wilcox
1st Vice-President: Connie Trossbach
2nd Vice-President: Linda Vert
Secretary: Zadie Thompson
Treasurer: Ginger Serafin
Immediate Past President: Robert Owen
Standing Committee Chairs
Membership: Ginger Serafin
Publicity: Peg Richardson
Archivist: Carol Kelley
Hospitality: Patricia Frank
Library: Joan Armistead
Newsletter Editor: Linda Vert
Website : Linda Vert

Council 2017 - 2018

L - R - Connie Trossbach, 1st VP; Chris Wilcox, President; Ginger Serafin, Treasurer; Zadie Thompson, Secretary