St. Marys County Genealogical Society

Membership Renewal

Renewing your membership to the St. Mary's County Genealogical Society is easy. 
Our year ends each June 30th.
For Individual and Family memberships.
Membership renewal consists of two parts:
  • A review of your Membership Profile so you can update us on any changes that need to be made.
  • Payment of your membership dues.
All steps can be completed electronically and take just a few minutes.
After you have completed the review; click on "Membership Renewal" again (on the left) to return to this page and make your dues payment.
Membership Type
*Mailed Newsletter vs. Email
Lifetime Members Please Note: Even though you do not pay dues each year, we ask that you take a minute to verify your current contact information with us. Please click annually on the link to review your current membership profile.